About us
"From lawyers to perfumers" - that's how we feel right now. Let us introduce ourselves!

We are Kateryna and Valentyna, and we have realized our childhood, cherished dream!

We have been friends for more than 10 years, our tastes, goals, principles and directions are very similar and we want to add some charm and pleasant train to the world.

Therefore, our love for perfumes, over time, grew into the idea of ​​creating our own product line - the Ukrainian niche perfume brand ABC AROMA.

When entering the niche of perfumery in Ukraine in 2021, our goal was to create comfort, harmony and a sense of beauty in the minds of everyone, by combining relevant fragrances.

To find exactly that “aftertaste” that will stay in our memory for a long time.

However, the situation caused by quarantine restrictions has led to a crisis. We were well aware that this was not the best time to enter the market and sell the product.

But, at the same time, we are convinced that if you do something with love, the result will be successful under any circumstances and it will definitely become a LOVEMARK brand in Ukraine and abroad.

During the preparation we tested more than a thousand fragrances, hundreds of bottles! And how difficult it was to find exactly that aroma sticks! But everything was found, and finally, this summer 2021 we launched our project!

We want to tell you more about it:

The first product line includes 10 Aroma Diffusers for the home.

Each of them is called by a letter of the Latin alphabet and has its own color.

ABC AROMA - your alphabet in the world of perfumes.

On the website you may find a detailed description of each of them!

We are in touch 24/7 - so you can always make an order and it will be sent to you the next morning!

We are glad that you have read this to the end - we can definitely consider you as our friend!

Therefore, let's be friends and create comfort and coziness indoors thanks to ABC AROMA Diffusers.

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