Volume – 120 ml

Absolutely floral feminine fragrance. Peony and rose diluted with a little sour of lychee.... Delicious and good... The aroma that decorates your home or work space, fills gray autumn with colors and lifts the mood even in moments of sadness. This is an absolutely universal fragrance for a gift that any girl or woman will like.
An aroma that you want not only to place in the room, but also spray it on yourself, as if diving into a bubble bath with rose petals ... The fragrance of a dream that is about to come true.

Recommended placement of the aroma diffuser:
Corridor (entrance lobby), bathroom, dressing room, living room, office and retail premises, beauty salon.
  • Top notes
    lychee, rhubarb
  • Heart notes
    rose, vanilla
  • Base notes
    white musk
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