Volume – 120 ml

A brand new bright men's fragrance is presented to your attention - the aroma of a real Ukrainian! It contains faith and strength, love and inspiration, respect for yourself, for your family, for your people and your country! It combines lavender and amber, oak and jasmine, rosemary and geranium... Just as the strongest body of a Ukrainian combines such a sincere heart, this home fragrance combines radically different notes... A fragrance that gives you inspiration, confidence and love of a real man!

Recommended placement of the aroma diffuser:
Any room in a bachelor's apartment or house, men's office, barbershop, car dealership, retail space for the sale of men's clothing, shoes and accessories.
  • Top notes
    lychee, rhubarb
  • Heart notes
    rose, vanilla
  • Base notes
    white musk
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