Volume – 120 ml

What do you associate pumpkin with? With Ukraine and its fertile lands, with childhood and grandmother's pumpkin pies, with warm autumn and Halloween?
Sweet, delicious, warm, homey aroma... It’s like your favorite pajamas, like the comfort that we want to get anywhere... It’s like the very thing that you want to take with you on a long trip to feel the aroma of Home. Give this fragrance to your grandmother, or better yet, call her and visit her for no reason, not for a holiday, but just like that, because you love! This is the aroma of family, joy, smiles and laughter of children. This is the aroma of a family holiday, home comfort, happiness and kindness!

Recommended placement of the aroma diffuser:
Bedroom, living room, bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, beauty salon, commercial premises.
  • Top notes
    lychee, rhubarb
  • Heart notes
    rose, vanilla
  • Base notes
    white musk
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