Volume – 120 ml

There are things that unite - thoughts, hobbies, job, dancing and... red wine.
And no matter what the doctors say, the best antidepressant is a true friend and a glass of wine that gives you strength and faith in a happy future, that assures you that you are special and unique! And there is no other person like you!
This aroma should definitely be on the table with a steak dinner.
This fragrance must be in the home office on the table next to the leather sofa.
The aroma of rest, soulful conversation and bright mood!

Recommended placement of the aroma diffuser:
A universal fragrance, it will sound great in any room: entrance lobby, dressing room, living room, bedroom, bachelor apartment, men's office and retail premises, beauty salon.
  • Top notes
    red currant, cherry, cedar, raspberry, mint
  • Heart notes
    strawberry, nut
  • Base notes
    coffee, dark chocolate
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