Volume – 120 ml

Say "Palyanytsia" to me, and I'll tell you who you are :)
A fragrance that was already launched at the end of 2021, and which has become the most relevant fragrance today!
This aroma simply MUST be in your kitchen or dining room! And we are not joking now.
The scent of Ukrainian cuisine and kitchen, in which a real housewife bakes, boils, steams and fries at once. The hostess, to whom all the neighbors come to taste her delicious treats because of the tempting aromas...
The scent of a Sunday holiday, a family circle and sincere conversations, old songs and chants.
The aroma of our Victory and a happy future!!!!!

Recommended placement of the aroma diffuser:
Bedroom, living room, bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, beauty salon, commercial premises
  • Top notes
    coffee, chocolate, vanilla
  • Heart notes
    cinnamon, spices
  • Base notes
    milk, vanilla
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